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Mathematical Society „Archimedes – NOVI SAD“
What is the mind „Archimedes _ NOVI SAD“

Mathematical Society „Archimedes – Novi Sad“ (formerly Club mathematician „Archimedes“ – Novi Sad) is a specialized professional association in the field of education, which primarily gathers talented young mathematicians and other lovers of mathematics in Novi Sad.

There are two categories of members:

First adults;

Second students (offspring of the Company).

What does he do UM „Archimedes – Novi Sad“
„Archimedes – Novi Sad“ has long since become quite specialized center for gifted young mathematicians and other lovers of mathematics, a system of thought. The most important of the two segments:

mathematical school

In the UM „Archimedes – Novi Sad“ to school for young mathematicians, organized by grades from first to eighth grade. Within the school formed a special group competition in which the best students preparing for mathematics competitions.


The forms of these activities are among others:
Math events;
Articles in journals and the media;
Lectures at professional meetings and teacher training;
Participation in the tournament organized by math MD „Archimedes“ in Belgrade;
Participation in the work of summer and winter schools organized mathematical MD „Archimedes“ in Belgrade.